Terms of Service Agreement

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, a subsidiary of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc, welcomes you with the recommendation to carefully review the following terms of its service agreement completely. This agreement binds all relationships with this product; by employing the services of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, all users are effectively adhering to its membership policy in full. By purchasing said membership, users have preemptively agreed upon the principles found within this document and, if a client find themselves in disagreement with any of the conditions found on this page, it is in their best interest to discard this product and end their involvement with MY-MOVIEPASS.COM.

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM reserves the right to make revisions to this agreement as and when it sees fit. All members of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM are subject to the issuing of content changes of this product via the email address that has been provided to this subsidiary at the time of registration. The most recently updated version of this agreement is always made available on the MY-MOVIEPASS.COM website.

Purchase Conditions

All MY-MOVIEPASS.COM members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or have the consent of a parent or guardian at the time of registration. All MY-MOVIEPASS.COM are considered to be independents upon registering with the service.

The MY-MOVIEPASS.COM membership offers each of its members its complete catalog of movies, movies that are accessible around the world, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This library is entirely licensed, and is available in full for the duration of a member’s tenure with this website.

Payment of membership for MY-MOVIEPASS.COM must be made with a valid credit, and rebuffed transactions will occur if and when; there is an insufficient availability of funds in the account, the card has reached its date of expiration, if there were technical issues during the transaction process, etc. All processed memberships are non-refundable and are subject to termination without notice. All memberships on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM are processed one time only. Credit cards will only be processed one time.

Upon the process of registration, all MY-MOVIEPASS.COM members agree to provide accurate, accountable, detailed and current payment processing information. It is the lone responsibility of the member to safeguard their vital information at all times – MY-MOVIEPASS.COM will not be accountable for the misrepresentation of a member’s account while using this product. Any unauthorized actions from a member’s account while on this website put them at fault, and is their responsibility. All members agree to notify MY-MOVIEPASS.COM when they suspect that their account has been tampered with.

Usage Conditions

Upon the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined and issued in this document, and in conjunction with an approved and processed membership application, MY-MOVIEPASS.COM offers its members a defined, inclusive, absolute permit in controlling the content found on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM. All products, services and media found within the confines of this domain are relegated to be used for private, nonprofit purposes only. All licenses remain the property of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc and its subsidiaries, and are accredited to its members by the terms recognized in this agreement.

It is illegal to infringe upon the policies created by MY-MOVIEPASS.COM set by this document. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM reserves the right to prosecute any member that does not abide by these terms, or anyone who chooses to violates these conditions or any applicable laws. It is forbidden for members to exploit MY-MOVIEPASS.COM in any of the following manners; attempting to modify the site and its products/services; rip, burn, distribute and/or resell any media found on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM; interrupt and/or circumvent the security system within the domain – these actions are all prohibited and are grounds for membership cancellation and termination.

Members are not privy to access MY-MOVIEPASS.COM through accounts other than the one assigned to them at the time of registration. Security breaches and violations are not to be tolerated and will be dealt with in severe fashion. Breaching and/or abusing this site, domain, its content, media, products and services will result in full accountability, and will come with the consequence of civil and/or criminal liability.

By agreeing to the Terms of Service Agreement, all members recognize that MY-MOVIEPASS.COM contain materials that some members may consider offensive. This material includes, but is not limited to, vulgar language, violence, sexual innuendo and acts, nudity and issues and themes of an adult nature. Parental discretion is always advised, as well as viewer discretion. The media shared within the confines of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM may or may not be labeled according to its content, and members agree to, and assume full liability in the material that they are exposed to.

The labels, categories, descriptions, narratives, depictions, images and classifications given by MY-MOVIEPASS.COM have been issued out of accessibility and convenience for its members. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM does not ensure that these classifications precise or updated regularly. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM reserves the right to alter, modify, withhold and/or remove both the material found on its website and the access of it by its members at any time and without warning.

Intellectual Property

All content found on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, including its copy, images, graphics and designs, is owned by its parent company MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc, and is considered distinct and original creations of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc. All of its material is covered and protected by intellectual property laws, copyright and trademark laws, and any other applicable licensing laws. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc and its subsidiaries retain the rights to all content published on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, including its international and global copyright and distribution. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM owns this content exclusively throughout the world regardless of language or country. All members of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM consent in not redistributing its materials or content in accordance with the laws governed by this IP. Members also agree to not edit, lease, alter, loan or deviate the materials offered on this domain. All members understand that any proprietary notices downloaded with products from MY-MOVIEPASS.COM cannot be deleted in accordance with the pertinent laws. All members are in compliance that they cannot use the materials on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM in any other fashion outside of the actions permitted and authorized by the Terms of Service Agreement.

Users acknowledge that their membership does not grant them shared rights in the products, services, media and materials supplied by MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, and that it is in violation of this agreement to use said materials for promotional or commercial use. Membership does not comprise of a renunciation of the rights, trademark and copyright laws and abridging licensing laws that this intellectual property constitutes.

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc and MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, its logos, graphics, designs and any other trademarks used in the creation of this site and used in connection with MY-MOVIEPASS.COM are registered trademarks of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM Inc, in the U.S.A. and around the world. Some trademarks found on this subsidiary are the trademarks of its partners and/or owner. No rights or trademarks are granted to its members upon registration or otherwise.


All members agree to total liability when employing the products, services, media and all other materials found on MY-MOVIEPASS.COM. Members understand that the products offered from MY-MOVIEPASS.COM do not come with warranties, and that MY-MOVIEPASS.COM does not offer any warranties of any kind. Failure to comply with this information is at the fault of the member.

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM cannot, under any circumstance, pledge that any member’s experience while using this website and its products, services, media and all other material associated with it will not be hindered. All members consent to the term that MY-MOVIEPASS.COM can be shut down or closed at any time without prior notice.

Limited Liability

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM claims zero accountability for problems, technical or otherwise, that take place during a member’s interaction with its website. A member’s difficulty in experience, regardless to whether it is due to the website itself, software, physical equipment, the system, its providers, the server, the provider, the network, technical difficulties or online traffic, including the case of accident on the member’s behalf and/or the damaging of a member’s computer equipment, is not the responsibly of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM is not liable for any member’s death, injury or computer equipment becoming damaged while using this product under any circumstance.

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM and its partners, employees, licensors, sponsors, affiliates, directors, agents, officers and contractors are not liable for any lost income, profits or data that a member might incur from this product. This includes direct, indirect, punitive and judicial damages as well as third party claims. Damages incurred are the sole responsibility of the member. This limited liability has been set in place, and will be applied regardless of whether or not MY-MOVIEPASS.COM has been made aware of the situation prior to its occurrence. Certain U.S. states negate or exclude the laws of limited liability in certain instances, and in those states MY-MOVIEPASS.COM will limit its liability to the degree accepted by the law.

MY-MOVIEPASS.COM’s cumulative liability will not surpass the charges paid by its members, with respect to their use of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM.


All members consent to protect and indemnify MY-MOVIEPASS.COM and its partners, employees, licensors, sponsors, affiliates, directors, agents, officers and contractors in any case, claim or class action suit. This includes MY-MOVIEPASS.COM et al.’s attorneys’ fees from members or third parties from the use of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, its products, services, media and all other materials, or from a member’s violation of the Terms of Service.


MY-MOVIEPASS.COM reserves the right to cancel, deny, suspend, withhold or terminate any member’s access and/or contract to MY-MOVIEPASS.COM if it so deems that said member has in any way violated the Terms of Service found in this document. Moreover, such a decision can be made without warning and is subjectable to a permanent barring from the website. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM has no commitment to issues its members with warnings prior to a termination. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM is not liable to any members or any third party if and when this situation arises.


Controverises involving MY-MOVIEPASS.COM and/or this agreement are to be resolved by a court of law in New York, New York, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. All members of MY-MOVIEPASS.COM must recognize that by agreeing to arbitration their right to a legal trial is waved, and that arbitration is a voluntary request, an action that is not required by law.

Universal Conditions

In the event that MY-MOVIEPASS.COM omits its right to implement a condition found in these Terms of Service, all members agree that such an action does not forfeit the agreement. This contract is the establishing basis for the relationship between MY-MOVIEPASS.COM and its members, and thus administers its members use over its domain, products, services, media, and all other materials. This agreement takes precedent over any other previously established agreement between MY-MOVIEPASS.COM and a member, including earlier edits to these Terms of Service.

This agreement does not entitle a member to a partnership with MY-MOVIEPASS.COM, nor does it constitute an employee-employer or franchisee-franchiser relationship with said member.

If the Terms of Service in this document are found to be unacceptable or neglected in any way, they will be revised to conform to a standard in which they become acceptable within the boundaries of the law. The intentions of the agreement are to uphold the rights and privileges of both parties in this relationship; the member and MY-MOVIEPASS.COM. MY-MOVIEPASS.COM’s inadequacy to uphold the Terms of Service does not represent a forfeit of said term or any term or condition in this agreement.

Contact Information

Any questions, comments or concerns regarding MY-MOVIEPASS.COM’s Terms of Service can be directed to the following email address: